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Joseph campbell


Why do my eyes sting for no reason?

My eyes feel sting in the morning. I didn't hurt my eyes. I just can't understand why my eyes sting for no reason?
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  • Aaron lewis


    I guess you must often use your eyes for a long time like looking at the computer. This causes eye strain and ends up in dry eyes syndrome.When there is a lack of the protection of tears for the cornea, your cornea is open to scrapes and scratches. That's why your eyes sting.
  • Danielle


    The multiple but classical reasons causing the eye stings in the morning must be eye dryness, what is worse than that, eye inflammation (keratoconjunctivitis sicca). The burning and scratchy sensations in the eyes may result from incorrect quantity or poor quality of tears producing by tear glands. Lacking of moisture in the eye attributes to your eyes sting. I mean, you might always suffer a slight eye dry, as the long time accumulated, it outbreaked. Further, the dry eye weakens your vision and may cause eye infections. You need your tears to keep the eyes moist and clean, otherwise the bacteria or foreign objects like dust or other things will make you in trouble inevitably. It is wise to maintain healthy eyes. Try to use a cotton ball with some warm water to scrub your eyes, so does a wash cloth. But you need head to your optician when it gets worse, or it occurred after sinus congestion or some allergies.
  • Kevin


    There must be the reason for your eye's sting. You may sit in front of the computers for a long time. Your eyes may get infection because of the invisible bacterium. You should take high notice of your eyes sting. You could use the eye drops to release the symptom. At the same time, the warm compress is also a good way for you to release the sting eyes.