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Robert murphy


Are theater contacts bad for your eyes?

Is it safe to wear theater contact lenses? Or it can cause eye damages?
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  • manny


    Not all theater contact lenses will damage eyes. We always see many famous actors or actresses wear all kinds of colored contact lenses in movies or TV plays. High quality products cannot hurt eyes any more. However, contact lens touch eyes directly, so do not wear theater contact lenses as normal vision aid. You can wear them to attend some festival to enhance your outlook.
  • smith


    Yes, they are safe and effective if you buy the theater contact lenses for a legal source and wear appropriately. I have some decorative contact lenses for halloween or even the movie premiere. They make me cool. Certainly, based on your own need and budget, it can be no prescription. It is worth mentioning that the material must allows more oxygen through so that you feel comfortable throughout the day. So, the cheapest is not a wise choice. What price, what goods. However, the best ones I've found thus far are "caramel" colored. The risks may be corneal abrasion, which is a cut or scratch on the top layer of your eyeball, resulting from the poor quality and the inproper location of the contacts, as well as allergic reactions like itchy, watery red eyes. Well, get an eye exam before you buy the contact lens. The last but not the least, you must follow the contact lens care instructions.
  • Brandon cook


    Just like the common contact lenses, wearing theater contact lenses at the special occasion will be safe too. As we know, if you want to play out any character you like, you will have to wear theatrical contact lenses. Then you could play from mythical creatures to wolves. Many movie characters such as the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland and Naytiri from Avatar and so on need the help with theater contact lenses. However you should not wear it for a long time which will make your eyes get red and make your eyes feel itchy. You should limit the wearing time and take notice of the rest for the eyes. You should also take notice of the hygiene problem which is so important for the safety of wearing the theater contact lenses. After wearing it, you could go home and use the home remedy of warm compress to make your eyes be comfortable.