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What to do if you get diesel in your eye?

I got a bit of diesel in my eyes when i do my work. What shall i do now? Is diesel bad for eyes?
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  • Jada


    Diesel is an irritant to the eyes and all mucous membranes. It can cause ulceration of the cornea. If you have got diesel in your eyes, please remove contact lenses if you wear them. Irrigate the affected eyes with lukewarm water for at least 10-15 minutes and seek medical advice. Prescription medicines will bring down the pain and swelling of mucosa so that there is minimal damage and full recovery. Hope this helpful.
  • Cathy Dailey


    No, it won't do harm to your eyes, even though you may feel your eyes sting for that moment. Just rinse your eyes with clean water and wash away all the diesel in your eyes. Fuel, not like acid, won't damage your eyes. The situation will be worse if you have dry eyes before.
  • walkingnreverse


    A bit of diesel in eyes is okay. Before you flush them out of eyes, do not blink eyes though you feel unwell. Because it is easy to cause chemical reaction between diesel and substances in eyes. When diesel entered eyes, flush them out with clean and warm water. And then it is time to blink eyes to get rid of the rest. Next lay down and stay fit. If pain and irritation still exist after a few minutes, you can drop some basic and counter eye drops to alleviate your condition. Plus, you can place cucumber slice on eyes before you go to bed to fresh eyes and contain water at night. Then you can be okay tomorrow.
  • epyon_rebirth


    It is so bad for you to get a bit of diesel in your eyes when you work. You need to be careful next time. You should wash the eyes with clean water as soon as possible. You should also wash it several times until you think it is washed away. Then you use the clean cloth to dry it. Then you could use the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable.