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William clive


Do potatoes help puffy eyes?

Since I have come to college, my puffy eyes never go away. I tried a lot of ways to remove them but they didn' t work. Just now my friend told me that potatoes can help me to remove my puffy eyes, does that work?
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  • Joseph campbell


    Cucumber and potato are identified as nature's best treatments for puffy eyes. Well, potato slices can actually work due to anti-inflammatory properties of potato starch, which can smooth red, dry or irritated eyes. Nevertheless, unlike an astringent, potatoes can not reduce swelling. Eye-puffiness can also be fixed by many ways. Gently massage and a cold spoon are my top recommendations. They can really help you shrink the expanding vessels around your eyes and relieve the bags under your eyes. But the ultimate way is to have a good rest and a balanced diet. The development of healthy life style is always in everybody's mouth, but in few people's practice. Again, creating a regular life is of benefit.
  • Kaylee


    Yes, potatoes will help you remove your puffy eyes because of the inner moisture role. You could have a try. However using the tea bag to cover on the surface of the eyes is also important. It will release your symptom quickly. You could have a try. You need to have a good rest for the eyes which will be so important.
  • Jonah


    The cause of puffy eyes can be many and widespread . 1、 there is a large amount of Vitamin C in potatoes which can be helpful to the puffy eyes , you should persevere with the work , however , since it will never work in a quick way . Cucumbers would be helpful as well . 2、 reducing sodium in the diet and getting more potassium rich foods can help to reduce puffy eyes . 3、 lacking in vitamins D and K has a considerable nagetive effct on the appearance of dark circles and puffy eyes . 4、 avoid drinking too much water at night and have a healthy rest for at least 8 hours . 5、 pat gently around eyes with ring fingers every night with high-quality eye gel . 6、 avoid the combination of alchol and salt .

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