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Kyle kirk


Can stress cause eyelash loss?

Is it possible to get eyelashes loss because of stress? Why or why not?
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    There is no doubt that stress can cause eyelashes loss. Actually, our body system are governed by metabolism. Stress can increase burden of blood circle. Also, stress is easy to be lack of oxygen and make nerves fatigue. If you feel tired and have too much burden, you may experience eye disorder and body disorder. According to this condition, not only your eyelashes, but also your hair will become thin and gray day by day until they begin to fall out. Here some ways to help with thick and black eyelashes. Of course, make-up is the fastest and greatest way. However, if you want to have long and thick eyelashes, ginger is the best thing. You just need wash your eyes carefully in order to prevent ginger from entering your eyes. Ginger can stimulate all hair growing.But take a good rest is the best thing to solute your condition.
  • Caleb


    Yes, it is possible to lead to eyelashes loss because of stress. There are mainly two reasons to give rise to this situation. On the one hand, actually it is a kind of psychological disorder, which is called trichotillomania when an individual twists, rubs or pulls out hair. If you suffer from this psychiatric condition, you will tend to pluck your eyelashes when you are stressed out or anxious, and finally cause eyelashes loss. One the other hand, eyelashes are just similar of our hairs. They will fall out when we suffer from vitamin deficiency, and you will exactly get vitamin deficiency which is stemmed from stress. Due to pressure may make your body can't absorb those vitamins. Therefore, just go to the hospital to have a health check, and prescribe a medicine special for the disease.
  • Mackenzie rose


    Yes, it is quite possible. Normally losing eyelashes is a ver common metabolism process. New eyelashes would grow out from the same hair follicle. If your eyelashes could steadily and quickly replaced by new grown healthier and stronger eyelashes, then you don't have to worry about it. But if excessive eyelashes fall out, it should draw your attention at once. Autoimmune disorder, stress, nutrition deficiency, blepharitis, hermone imbalance, aging and hypothyroidism might be the trigger of loss of eyelashes. As to stress, severe stress might cause people to a phychiatric condition, called trichotillomania, that patient can't resist to pull out their eyelashes to release the pressure and stress. You should visit a doctor to confirm what's the root for your loss of eyelashes.
  • Julie Galactique


    Totally possible, and happened to me, but I was taking pills applying Cherish Lash serum. Both helped a lot and this problem is over for me.