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Can i put solution in my eyes with contacts in?

I often wear my contact lenses. But now, my eyes feel so dry with my contacts. Can i put the solution directly in to my eyes without take off my contacts?
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  • walkwithme21


    Of course, you can't. Contact solution contains many chemical substances which are easy to cause chemical reflection if you drop them in eyes without taking off contact lenses. Commonly you feel eye dryness in that your contact lenses are in poor quality, or you have been working in a long time with wearing contact lenses. When you feel tired and fatigue, your eyes also feel uncomfortable. At this moment, eyes will produce abnormal liquids, even no any liquids. Then you may get eye dryness. Your contact lenses will absorb water in any time. And stock contact lenses in box with solution is good and right to protect them because there is no any chemical things that solution box contains. While eyes have these chemical substances indeed. So if you get eye dry when wearing contact lenses, please go to a eye care center to buy the special drops.
  • Jose joyce


    I see online that some people said that it is OK to put it in the eyes. But personally, I do not recommend you put solution directly in your eyes when you wear contacts. If you feel dry eyes when you wear contact lenses, you can use eye drops to help you. Today, there are eye drops that can be used when people wear contact lenses. You can easy to search it out through Google. Good luck.
  • Melanie


    Contact lenses are not perfect products though they could be really amazing. But some consequences would emerge if you don't make proper use of them. Dry eyes could be a big problem, so you need to wear less of them. True, solution could be compatible with your contacts when you want to drop it into your eyes, but make sure the solution is clean.