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Can dry eyes cause vertigo?

Is it possible to get vertigo from dry eyes. Why? How can dry eyes affect on vertigo?
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  • Jocelyn david


    Dry eyes can be caused by situations that dry out the tear film, which is possible due to side effects of certain drugs such as antihistamines and birth control pills and structural problems with the eye lids that don't allow them to close properly. Dry eyes are always showed as light sensitivity, a gritty sensation, a feeling of a foreign body or sand in the eye, itching, redness and blurring of vision. It is hardly to cause vertigo. Your vertigo may caused by tired and fatigue. Dry eye are just one sign of your tired and fatigue. Take a good rest and drink some water are the best way to solute your tired and dry eye temporarily. Surgery is the thorough way to heal your dry eye, but it is not essential if your dry eye is not so severe.
  • Brandon cook


    Well, from what I can see, dry eyes is one of the most commonly seen eye problem s we might get, which could give rise to an awful lot of problems, such as painful eyes, watery eyes, photophobia, etc. Of course, once it gets much too serious, vertigo or dizziness would be possible, so it would be wise for you to get it done before things get worse.