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Can eye strain make floaters worse?

I have heave myopia and suffered eye floaters now and then. In recent days, i often got eye strain and i find the eye floaters increased. Why? Can eye strain make floaters more worse?
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  • Jacob adams


    Of course it may make the floaters more badly. The floaters may point out such kinds of disease, retinal tear and amotio retinae, vitreous hemorrhage, and uveitis. Among them, the diabetes and high blood pressure will cause intraocular hemorrhage, the blood once get into vitreous body, the floaters will present, and it will lead to decrease of vision. Under such circumstance, the tiny blood would be cure by hemostatics, and the laser and surgery would be adopted to cure the serious ones. Just from your words, it is hard to find the details of your cause of the floaters, but the eyes fatigue will heavy the burden of your eyes and your disease. Why not go to doctor first instead of hard work of eyes strain. You know the health is the most important thing for you. Some eyes disease is irreversible. If the treatments delay, the regret will be late!
  • eden540


    There is no doubt that eye strain can worsen eye floaters. Eye floaters means there are something white and red point in your eyes which are noticeable when you stare something bright, such as blue sky and white paper. Eye strain can cause eye pain and affect eye vision. Floaters can be a sign of retinal detachment or a retinal tear. Sometimes the appearance of floaters has to be attributed to dark specks in the tear film of the eye. However, eye strain has a deep effect on tears. At this time, you can reduce Tear film debris through blinking. Eye floaters is really severe so that the patient should see an oculist as soon as possible to take treatment options.