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Can chamomile tea work for irritated eyes?

I heard that chamomile tea is good for eyes. But i get irritated eyes. So, can i get help from drinking chamomile tea?
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  • Michael?griffin


    Yes, it does. Chamoile tea can help reduce the dryness-heat in liver, diminish inflammations, relieve muscle soreness and migraine, moliorate the allergic skin and allay eye strain. From its functions, you can understand that drink the chamoile tea is very good for health and eyes. I don't know how you get your eyes irritated but you can try drinking some chamoile tea. After drinking, you can use the cold tea bag as compress to apply on eyes, which is very good too. My suggestion is that you should find out what caused the irritation and treat it. Drinking the tea is helpful to some extent. But please kindly note that it is not suitable for pregnant people.
  • Cassidy bell


    Yes, there are many benefits of chamomile tea for eyes. Cool chamomile tea can relieve tired, irritated eyes when used in a compress. Washing your eyes with chamomile tea is one home remedy for irritated eyes, and it may even help treat dry eyes, sore eyes. Besides, remember to filter it.
  • Jonathan tuener


    Chamomile is an herb that comes from a flowering plant from the daisy family, which is widely used as medicines and drinks. Chamomile tea can help with improving sleep disorders, preventing anxiety and panic attacks, healing wounds, burns, and scrapes. Irritated eye is most commonly due to conjunctivitis, black eyes, allergic and eye infection. Chamomile tea helps with reducing pain and relaxing nerves indeed. So drink a cup of chamomile tea is not only good for irritated eyes, but also help with improving eye vision.

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