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Nathan harris


Can uv rays cause night blindness?

It is said that uv rays is bad for eyes. But i just want to know what are the side effects of UV rays? Is it possible to cause night blindness?
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  • Jose joyce


    Yes, uv rays is bad for eyes. There are many side effects of uv rays. Once your eyes get too much uv rays, your eyes will be dry easily. Your eyes may get high possibility to be sensitive and infectious. It is also possible for you to get night blindness. You should better wear the sunglasses when you are outside to avoid the uv rays.
  • hands_down360


    Generally speaking, there is very little possibility that ultraviolet rays would lead to night blindness. However, ultraviolet rays do have some side effects on the human eyes and can cause certain eye diseases to the human beings. The ultraviolet rays come from the outside of the eyes and get into the inside of them through the conjunctiva, cornea, crystalline lens, vitreous body, and then reach the retina, creating different degrees of harms to the eyes of human beings, such as pterygium, ceratitis, cataracts, age-related macular denegeration, eyelid cutaneum carcinoma and so on and so forth. When it is summer or the sunlight is very strong, therefore, it is better to take active measures of sunscreen to prevent our eyes as well as our skins from the harm of ultraviolet rays which are of the sun light. For example, you had better avoid first of all the direct lumination the sun light by the way of not going out during the time when the ultraviolet light is the strongest which is between 10 o'clock am and 2 o'clock pm. In addition, it is better wear a sunhat with wide hat edge as well as a pair of sunglasses with the function of preventing the ultraviolet light. Make sure that the sunglasses are of good quality in case the bad glasses harm the eyes on the contrary. For further information about the sunglasses, you may refer to the following website to have a detailed look.
  • Zoe


    UV rays is very harmful for human health. We both know that too much exposure to UV rays would burn our skin and accelerate the aging process of skin, resulted in spots, wrinkles and even skin cancer. We always wear sun screen to protect our skin. However it is hard for us to realise the damages to eyes from UV rays. UV rays could also burn the surficial tissue of eyes, causing pain, sensitivity to light and discomforts. The best way to protect eyes from UV rays is wearing good sun glasses which can provide 100% protection. The night blindness refers very poor vision in evening or dim circumstances. It is usually caused by vitamin A deficiency, pigmentary degeneration of retina or poor development of rods cells in eyes. You'd better have a check to find out the cause. Normally speaking, exposure to UV rays won't cause night blindness, but it is very harmful for eyes. If you are suffering from night blindness, eating more apples is helpful.