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zeba shahid


my eye sight is weekening day by day from the last 5 years i used to wear glassedit has reached up to minus six now .i usually feel head ache and my eyes are squint one my question is that my sight is week due to squint ones or some other reasons ?how it can b cure

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  • Joanne McAlpine


    In fact, in order to see better, most of people like squint eyes when they do not have good clear vision. Although squinting may not help them achieve perfect vision, it possible to help them make out words and objects that they couldn't see. So, from this point, squinting can help improve vision temporarily. And there are lots of factors that can weaken eyesight such as long term eyestrain, long time focus on one objects, eye diseases and trauma etc. If you want to regain perfect vision, maybe you can consider to take a lasik eye surgery.