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What causes eye infections in adults?

It seems that eye infection often occurs to children? Why do adults also suffer eye infection? What causes it?
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  • Christina


    Yes, it is very common for children to have eye infection, because children are likely to rub their eyes with the dirty hands. It is easy to get bacteria or virus or possible allergens into eyes for children. There are many possibilities for adults to get eye infections too. Eye infections refer to possible bacterial or viral infections. Adults might get eye infections in the way of rubbing eyes, sharing towels, sharing toilet, wearing contact lenses or catching a cold.
  • Jacqueline warren


    An eye infection is a bacterial or viral infection of the eye or the tissue immediately surrounding the eye. Common eye infections include conjunctivitis, often called pink eye. So not only children will suffer such eye problems, but also adults do so. Adults patients are much less than children patients because there is a complete and strong immune system in adults body. But no matter who you are, the causes of eye infections are almost the same. Eye infections are most commonly due to a virus or bacterial infection. Bacteria normally live on your skin, but irritation or a small injury in the eye can let the bacteria into areas where they do not usually reside, causing an infection. Eye infections often cause redness, irritation, tearing and itchiness. Plus, black eye, pink eye and allergies all can result in eye infections. You must be careful in your daily life to protect eye health.

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