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My contact lenses feel uncomfortable once they are in my eyes?

I use Bausch and Lomb multi-purpose solution for soft contact lenses. Should I buy a different solution for contact lenses? What is making my eyes feel itchy?
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  • 04/13/2012

    I wonder if you have worn contacts before .IF not ,you may need time to get used to them . Otherwise you may get irritated by them . Even though they are newly bought, it is possible that you have ruined that . Water, Bacteria from fingers can result in this . wash your hands and try another solution to see if it works . if the problem still exists , just visit your doctor
  • castlemedic


    I suggest you to stop wearing the contact lenses now. There must be the problems for your eyes. They must be dry. You should take care of using eyes. Using some eye drops may help you. You'd better wait for the releasing symptom and then use again. And keep notice of using your eyes at appropriate strength.