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can you improve your eyesight by not wearing glasses?

I suffered from myopia.And my eye doctor give me a pair prescription eyeglasses. But my grandpa told me that i can improve my vision if i not wear glasses. Really? Can you improve your eyesight by not wearing glasses?
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  • Luke oliver


    I think you can improve your eyesight by not wearing the prescription eyeglasses if you are just the mild myopia. you can do some eyes exercise after reading, keep on looking at the distance for 15 minutes each time you feel a little tired. you need to watch more green stuffs, such as trees, green grass etc.
  • Matthew baker


    I think you should take your doctor's advices. your grandpa may have his own opinion, while if the prescription eyeglasses can help you improve your eyesight more quickly, why not choose the safety way that your doctor suggested. we all know that eyes are the very important part of our body, we should take care of them. I suggest you to consult your doctor before taking other ways to solve this problem.