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Logan quick


Is it safe to wear non-prescription contacts?

Guys, is it safe to wear non-prescription contacts?I need some advice.
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  • garcia


    I think it is not safe to wear this kind of contacts. Contacts can damage our eyes though its side effects. cannot be found in one day, while the problems do exist. We cannot ignore them. If you do not have vision problems, you are so lucky. Why not keep the good vision ability? And protect your eyes with caution.
  • Rebecca


    Actually, the natural defenses of our eyes might be lowered by wearing contacts because things that go into your eyes need to be sanitized properly. By wearing contacts, you might have a risk of getting eye redness/soreness and styes. You might also have a possibility of getting conjunctivitis. Those make everything complicated, so you might want to consider not wearing them if you have a good eyesight. If you really want to wear, go ahead, but make sure to talk to your eye doctor before and visit him after you get them.
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