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what causes burst blood vessel in eye?

I can see burst blood vessel in my eyes. What happen to my eyes? Why my eyes have burst blood vessel? Is it a sign of eye diseases?
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  • Connor nelson


    There are many reasons to cause burst blood vessel, such as, diseases , trauma, or overuse of your eyes. When you are burning the middle night for preparing an important examination, you may got the burst blood vessel in your eyes. Trauma is also the most frequent cause of broken blood vessels. Besides, Vasculitis which causes inflammation of the blood vessels can trigger blood broken. 
  • Chris L.


    Sometimes burst blood vessel in eyes means you got an eye disease. Under such circumstances you should see the doctor. While if you are just got it because of lacking of sleep, What you need is to have a good rest. and you‘d better arrange your time to avoid being too tired the next time.

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