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Does eye color affect vision?

I just want to know if eye color can affect our vision? Are people with different eye color in the same good eyesight when they born?
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  • charlene1o2


    No, eye color doesn't affect our vision at all. As long as there is no congenital defects or flaws in one's eyes, his vision is good no matter what eye color he has. Eye color difference is caused by the different amount of pigmentation in one's iris, which is hereditary. However, the structure and function of different colored eyes are exactly the same. The only difference is the look.
  • walksonfloors


    Usually speaking, the eye color is determined by the genetic genes which will not change easily except for the body problems at health aspect. People with different eye color will have the same good eyesight. It is undoubtful. However once the color of the eyes is changed from the original color, you should check whether there is the problem for your body health. For example, the liver problem may cause the yellow eyes.
  • Savannah


    Well, in my opinion, eye color cannot affect vision, so you do not need to worry about it. Generally speaking, as we know that people are born with different eye color and eye color will not change in their life. And there is no evidence which has shown that eye color will affect vision. And in common, vision will be bad if you have some eye problem, or do not have the right reading habit. At that time, you may suffer near-sighted or far-sighted. And glasses, or surgery may be needed too.