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Do colored contacts cost more than regular contacts?

Is there anyone who have experience of buying colored contact lenses? Are they more expensive than regular contact lenses?
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  • colourmevintage


    Averagely, colored contacts lenses are expensive than normal ones. Different producers may have different price, it depends on how much you what to cost. If you are going to buy colored lenses, then the most important thing is which color fits best for you. There are two types for colored contact lenses: lenses for light eyes and for dark eyes. If you want to be more attractive, you can try blue or green contact lenses. Something you need to know is that colored contacts lenses may affect your vision, it's because the size of your pupil may change and your contacts lenses may also be moved for some reason, thus the colored section of the lenses may affect your vision. One more thing, you need prescription for colored contacts lenses, so if you find a place where can offer you these contacts lenses, it may not safe and qualified.
  • walker


    Generally speaking, colored contact lenses are more expensive than regular contact lenses. Contact lenses range in different prices due to the different companies that produce them. Normally, they are usually between 20-40 dollars per box. For the same brand contacts, price of colored contact lenses is nearly $20 higher than regular contact lenses. However, different places have different situation. In order to have a deeper understanding, you'd better go to the optical store in your local places to ask.