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Do pineapples make your eyesight worse?

Is pineapples good food to eyes? Or it can make my eyesight more serious?
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  • Sara nelson


    In fact, eating pineapples has little or nothing to do with your eyesight. Rumor says that pineapples make your eyesight worse. That's ridiculous. Eating pineapples won't harm your vision at all. Pineapples contain many nutritions your body needs such as a large number of vitamin C which helps to maintain good eye sight.But other essences have indirect influence on vision. Those who can't have pineapples are: 1.Someone who is allergic to pineapples. 2.Someone who is having fever. 3.Someone who is having dermatosis.These people can only have when their symptoms are eliminated.
  • b0ys_r_gay


    Well, I know that you want to eat pineapples but are afraid of the negative impacts on your eye health. So, as a matter of fact, pineapples are enriched in some good vitamins which would benefit your eye health. Then you can take it easy, but remember, never eat too much of it, for they could also make your nausea or sick. Of course they cannot make your vision worse.
  • Andrea warren


    Well, of course, pineapple can be good for your eyes, so you can just eat more. And generally speaking, pineapple can be very useful to prevent macular degeneration, as Pineapple contains a number of nutrients, such as vitamin c that your eyes and body requires for optimum health. Also, you should know that your macula covers an area on the back interior lining of your eye. And it has light-sensitive cells so that it will provide you with central vision. But on the other hand, when you suffer some damage to these specialized cells, macular degeneration may occur. And then an eye disease results in permanent vision loss. For pineapple, it is the best way to avoid these changes by having the necessary intake of vitamins and minerals.