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Michelle percy


Why are contacts so hard to put in?

I am trying to put my contact lenses into my eyes. But it is really hard. I run out of my patience. Why? What makes so hard to put contact lenses in?
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  • Susan


    As a matter of fact, I used to have the same problem with you, and that experience almost drove my crazy, it actually took me more than 30 minutes to do it for the first time. Anyway, you should perhaps follow the instructions of the contact lenses and make sure your eyes are not very small before you close the deal for those lenses. Then you should take it easy and relax.
  • Caspar


    It isn't a hard work to put contacts lenses in your eyes, you may did it wrong or improper. Contacts can irritate or damage your eyes if put incorrectly. Before inserting the contacts, wash your hands and dry the finger which you are going to hold the contact. Then take one contact from the case, make sure you it matches your eye. Put the contact on the tip of your finger with the hollow-side up, then pull your skin away from you eye. Move the finger with contact to you eye gently, and put it on your eye. When all are finished, close your eye and blink slowly to see if there is any uncomfortable. If is, you have to remove and cleanse it, then try again. If you catch the point, it will be very easy of inserting eye contacts. It may needs patience to grasp the skill, so keep practicing and you will be good at it.
  • Jocelyn griffin


    Take it easy, buddy. The first time I try to put contact lenses in my eyes, I failed several times and got irritated. But the optometrist told me that it was only because I was too nervous. I told myself nothing to be nervous, take it easy. You can do it. Just do it. I took up my courage and tried again. Guess what, I succeeded. Though I was still awkward then, but I made it! All you have to do is to follow the steps and take it easy. Tell yourself, it's OK, you won' t hurt yourself. You can do it! The steps of wearing contact lenses. 1 Clean your hands. Check if there are some dusk remain on your hands. Better use airdryer to dry your hands . 2 Scoop out the lens with your index finger 3 Now that the lens is on your right index finger(or left index finger, use whichever you feel comfortable), check if it is eight side out. If it looks like a bowl, then it's the right side out. But if its rim is flat like a late, then it is inside out. 4 When you get the right side out, take your index finger with lens to your right eye. Meanwhile, you should use your two middle fingers to pull your eye lids. The left finger pulls up your upper eyelid, and the right middle finger pulls down your lower lid. 5 Put the contact lens on right position which is in the middle of your eyes. Adjust its position with blinking. Repeat the 1~5 steps on your left eye.

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