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What contact lenses are better than acuvue 2?

I've been wearing acuvue 2 lenses for over 3 years and now I feel they're starting to lose my interest. I went three weeks straight with wearing my glasses and I went back to wearing my contacts about a week ago and they're causing my eyes to feel a little dry sometimes, but nothing major like tearing, blurry vision, etc. Just irritation and some itchiness. I know nothing's infected, too. What are some better contact lenses out there?
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  • 04/13/2012

    I think it is not the matter of acuvue , it is because your eyes don't get used to the contacts after wearing glasses for three weeks . Maybe you should stop wear them for several days and visit your doctor first . If you do need some better contact lenses, you can try freshlook or 1800contacts .
  • Cassidy


    Your problems is lied on the dry eyes which may be caused by the lot of use of computers for a long time every day. You could use the eye drops to release the symptom. And you could also through drinking the chrysanthemum tea and eating food with vitamin C to moisture the eyes. However if you look for other contact lenses, I suggest you to go and buy the Baushe and Lomb brand of contact lenses. According to the person who has used it, it will be felt comfortable when wearing this kind of contact lenses. You may have a try.