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Jonathan tuener


Can I get a pair of free glasses for my kid at target optical?

My kid has some vision problems. I haven't taken him to an eye doctor. But I think he may need a pair of glasses. Now I am short of money, so can you tell me how to get a pair of free glasses at target optical? Thank you in advance!
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  • Stacy


    If your kid is 12 years old or under that age, you can get a pair of free glasses. You can have a look at If you know someone who is 12 years old or under that age and couldn't afford to repair or buy a pair of glasses, you can told them this good news. Good luck!
  • Luke oliver


    Firmoo hold that kind of activity too. In September of 2013, Firmoo called on people to show their love for those who need a pair of glasses but couldn't afford them. And Firmoo promised that she will donate $1 to those poor people every time this activity was shared. Those who need the glasses can apply for a pair of free glasses without age limitation.
  • Holly


    Sweetie, those big eyeglasses stores will hold that kind of activity to help the people who need their products and broadcast their brand as well. But usually they will have a time limit. If the activity is expired, you may need to wait for another turn. You can search on the internet to find some discounts for yourself too.
  • caffienefeen


    I found this website on the internet. You can have a look too. But after inputting free glasses, there is no free glasses presented in the list. So I think maybe they don't provide free glasses for children anymore. But you can make a call to know more. If there aren't free glasses, you can ask whether you can get a discount for a pair of glasses or not. Good luck!
  • Cary Green


    Dear, before buying a pair of glasses for your kid, you'd better take your kid to see an eye doctor first. The doctor will give you a piece of prescription. And then you can buy glasses according to what the prescription suggests. You can have free eye exam at other places.
  • Victor Lee


    Actually you can get your first pair glasses for free from firmoo. Here is the link://
    You can also get free glasses from