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EDWIN Caster


Are blue-eyed people attracted to brown-eyed people?

I just wonder If blue-eyed people are attractive for brown people? Why?
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  • Lydia


    In my opinion, blue-eyed people are more attractive than brown people although both of them have advantages. The reasons are listed flowingly. Firstly, blue eyes are intriguing and they are lighter and very pretty. Secondly, Blue eyes are considered very attractive because of its' bright color which also brightens a person's face and skin. Thirdly, people, who have blue eyes, look more attracting than brown eyes when they take photos. Besides these, there are others reasons to support my opinion. However, it's my own opinion. It does not mean that brown people are ugly. o just for your own. Don't care others.
  • Gillian


    There is no definition to identify such saying. However, people are easy to have a admire on someone who has the different character from him or her. Thus, the brown-eyed people may have the interest on the people with blue eyes. And the blue eyes are really attractive which will make people think of charm.
  • Isabel


    As a matter of fact, there are no relationships between the attractiveness of a man and the color of the man. It seems to me that you are interested in wizard or something, but this does not make sense. Or so far we have no evidence to prove your hypothesis. Just feel life and do not trust your assumptions.