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Sue Livingston


Is computer eye strain permanent

I worked with my computer everyday. And it is last for about a year. Now, i often suffered from eye strain. Is this normal? Is there any treatment that can help me stop this eye strain? Or i will permanent suffered from computer strain?
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  • Jeff N


    Your eye strain could be caused by overuse of eyes. That situation could be fixed if you take some methods. Take a break for every hour when using computer. Use eye drops to relieve your eye strain. Do some eye exercises, such as stretches and squeezes when your eyes feel tired; Change your computer wallpaper, etc.
  • copyofme


    Well, of course not, you will not suffer computer eye strain. And as we know that if you sit in front of the computer, watching the screen for a long time, it will just increase the eye pressure. In that way, eye strain can be possible. Generally speaking, eye strain can also lead to some other eye problems, which can be more serious. For example, it will affect your sight, making you more near-sighted. Also, your eyes will feel painful. So for your situation, you should have some rest after you have watched computer for one hour. Also, just have some eye exercises, and that can just relax your eye muscle.
  • Dylan fergus


    Ok, I can see that you are very concerned about your eye health, that is good. As far as I know, the damaged from computer screens is just temporary and limited, if you take some medical treatment, your eyes would be recovered in time. What I suggest is that you should try to make healthy use of your eyes and take breaks during business hours and get more rest.

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