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Can liver damage cause watery eyes ?

I heard that liver damages can cause watery eyes. Really? How?
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  • betty


    As we all know, liver is an important organ of human body, and it plays an indispensible role in producing blood proteins, controlling blood sugar levels and transporting fat around the body. So if there is something wrong with your liver, many diseases can follow. Specifically speaking, liver problems can cause eye problems, such as, watery eyes, red eyes and yellow eyes. It may be a symptom of liver problem known as cirrhosis. In general, the alcoholic liver disease is potentially fatal although red eyes and watery eyes.
  • fergus


    Watery eyes can be caused by many problems, and liver damages is one of them. Because of liver plays a very important role in the body, it participates in metabolizing proteins, fats, detoxification and so on. Once the liver is damaged, serious problems may occur, which including fatigue, weight loss, watery eyes and so on.
  • duncan


    Well, yes, liver problems will just cause watery eyes, so you should be careful about it. Generally speaking, if you have chronic liver problem, it is possible for you to have expanded or swollen lips. At that time, it can also affect your eyes, leading to some eye problems, such as watery eyes. Also, it can be an indicator of the puffy eyes too. By the way, because of liver problem, some other diseases, such as a yellowing of the feet which is a sign of the accumulation of gallstones in the liver and gallbladder can be possible too. For watery eyes, it also can be because of eye infection, and dry eyes. So you need to have an examination in the hospital.