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Can oversized sunglasses protects your eyes when playing with bb guns?

I always watch my friend play with his bb gun then one day, the bb ricochet and hit him in the cheek area. Is it safe to wear oversized sunglasses when playing with bb gun?
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  • 04/14/2012

    hi,it is better to wear sunglasses when playing BB guns.More protective measures will be good to protect you from accidently hurt.
  • Samuel hill


    Sunglasses can protect our eyes when we playing bb guns. But if you wear a pair of oversized sunglasses, the sunglasses may slide on your nose or squeeze your temples, which will bring you uncomfortable and cause problems when you are playing the bb guns. The bb ricochet may easily hit your eyes if your sunglasses drop on the floor. So I suggest you to choose a pair of suitable sunglasses when you play the game.
  • edward


    It is not safe to wear the oversized sunglasses when you are playing with bb guns. The eyes might be hurt if the sunglasses slide from your nose. You can suggest your friend to buy a pair of new glasses to protect their eyes. And usually the sunglasses that are used for bb gun playing are not work the same as polarized sunglasses. So a pair of fake sunglasses for bb gun will be OK and they will cost you less than a pair of polarized sunglasses.
  • Gabriella rupert


    oversized sunglasses can't protect your eyes when playing bb guns. And a pair of poor quality lenses can't protect your eyes too. You can have a look at this video. The lenses are damaged by ricochet.
  • etilnus


    I think you'd better wear a pair of suitable sunglasses. And the sunglasses must be of high quality. I think the fake sunglasses can't protect your eyes too. You'd better watch this video first and then you will understand the quality of a pair of sunglasses is very important in protecting your eyes when you are playing with bb guns. And the bb gun is very dangerous, don't let the children to play with it. If they use it to shot other people intently for fun, it may cause big problems.