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Where is least expensive store/website for eyeglass lenses if you already have frames?

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  • 04/13/2012

    If you want to look for lenses only, Just shop around to see wheter there is any local store which can provide lenses only.It is not always possible to get lenses only online because it’s inconvenient to do this.
  • Cassidy bell


    Dear friend, I suggest you to buy the lenses in the shop where you buy your whole glasses. Because you are a regular customer they will give you a discount. But actually you can buy lenses in any eye glasses stores. The price of the lenses may vary from several dollars to tens of dollars. You can choose the price that you can afford.
  • Vidadimir


    We know that different frame has different size. If you buy a pair of lenses online, you may also need to ask an optician to cut the lenses for you. It is inconvenient. If you want to save money by using your old frame to store a pair of new lenses, you'd better take your frame to a local store to choose a pair of lenses then the optician can cut the lenses for you. But some optical stores may refuse to provide lenses only because if they broken your frame when they are replacing the old lenses, they need to pay for it. But some optical stores can do that for you. You can have a try. Hope you can find the place!
  • Allison walker


    Sweetie, it is really not worth to buy a pair of lenses only. This will not save your money. Usually the old frame is deformed. It is uncomfortable to wear them. And the glasses sold online are very cheap nowadays. Why not buy a pair of new glasses online. You can use your old frame for decoration. It is very fashion to wear frame for decoration recently.
  • Richard Schneider


    You can always find a pair of new lenses that is affordable in any optical shops as long as you won't choose those expensive ones. The price of a pair of lenses in physical shops may vary from tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars. I think you can choose the former kind. Think about that you place an order an online, though the lenses you choose are only few dollars, you may need to pay the shipping fees, in the end, you will find that buy a pair of cheap lenses online cost you the same money as you buy them in any local optical stores.