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What glasses style best suits a guy with a square face and big eyes?

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  • 04/12/2012

    In my opinion, i think that thick frame glasses suits you.The frame color can be black.
  • John clark


    People with square face usually have angular face with a strong jaw line. Besides, they also featured with broad forehead and square chin. And the length and width are proportional. So, eyeglasses that can soften their angular face are recommended. From this point, round eyeglasses and oval eyeglasses are good choices for them. Besides, butterfly shaped glasses also a nice choices.
  • cruelladeville0


    As you have a square face, you'd better choose a pair of round glasses. Usually rimless round glasses is good for your face shape. But only a few people will wear a pair of round glasses. Steven Jobs is one of them. Maybe some of them may think that round glasses are too classical. They don't follow the trend of nowadays. If you agree with that thought, you can have a try with the plastic framed glasses. Such as vintage glasses or ray ban sunglasses. They are very popular nowadays. And they make guys look very cool.
  • Luis williams


    I think ray ban sunglasses can go well with a square face. They are very cool. You can have a look on the internet first. If your search "men with ray ban sunglasses", you will see many cool guys with a pair of ray ban sunglasses. My boyfriend has a pair of ray ban sunglasses. We bought them in an eyeglasses store last year. And the quality is very good.