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Do you wear prescription sunglasses, regular sunglasses, photochromic lense glasses (lense lightens or darkens depending on brightness), or just any cheap pair of sunglasses in the summer?

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  • 04/12/2012

    I have a good eyesight ,so prescription sunglasses are unneccessary for me.A pair of cheap sunglasses in the summer will add much more charm ,I think.LOL
  • Gabriella rodney


    I have tried the prescription sunglasses, regular sunglasses, photo chromic lenses glasses and cheap sunglasses in summer. I think I can try any kind of sunglasses as long as they are Plano sunglasses or will not damage my eyesight for the long run. But usually I just wear my sister's prescription sunglasses for a while because they really don't fit for me. I can't drive, so I will not consider the quality of the sunglasses for i just wearing them for fun. But I still suggest you to buy a pair of sunglasses with great quality for they can protect our eyes from the damage of the UV rays.
  • Angela


    The sunglasses now I am wearing are a pair of prescription sunglasses. I have some vision problems. So I need the prescription sunglasses to help correct my vision problems as well as blocking the UV rays from the sun. I also have a pair of photochromic lenses glasses. They can work as a pair of sunglasses when I am in the outside and they will have clear lenses when I enter the house. but the photochromic lenses glasses can't be used for driving.
  • Dazza


    I have a pair of cheap sunglasses. But I haven't used them for a long time because they can't protect my eyes from the damage of the UV rays. We know that UV rays from the sunlight will damage our eyes and further lead to many kinds of eye disease. And especially in summer, we must choose the sunglasses which can block the UV rays for us.


    I have tried the photochromic lense glasses. The color of the lenses can change according to the amount of the sunlight. If I am in the outside, the lenses will be totally dark. But after I enter into a dark house, a few seconds later the lenses will become transparent.