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Is manuka honey good for blepharitis ?

I heard that manuka honey can help reduce blepharitis. Is this true? How?
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  • Jennifer


    Blepharitis is a common eye disease that caused by excess growth of bacteria. And it can be treated and controlled through propper methods. Apply a clean warm wet towel over your eyes for several minutes and repeat it for several times everyday, it will be recover after a week. Besides, someone found that manuka honey contain a broad antibacterial action, can help reduce blepharitis.
  • california_lovv


    Yes, manuka honey has been classified as a "therapeutic good" in Australia, which has powerful antibacterial and antioxidant abilities. The major antibacterial component of manuka honey is unique manuka facto. Its unique properties like destroying bacteria, bettering body trauma treatment, and promoting the natural healing wounds help people immesely. Blepharitis is always associated with eye excessive dryness, along with eye pain and eye redness leading to dizziness, headache and light sensitivity. It is a viral inflection. All in all, it result from your weakened immunity. Using such honey can help due to its highest in antioxidant substances and anti-inflammatory effect. Further, with comprehensive immunity improving, you will soon overcome it. By the way, it can be used external or internal, I mean, directly put on your skin for disinfection or paste on the bread.
  • Patricia


    Yes, you could use manuka honey to help reduce your blepharitis. Blepharitis is commonly known as black rim of the eye. That is the chronic inflammation of the eyelid margin of skin and eyelash root which has a tendency to relapse. It is the chronic conjunctivitis refractive errors pick-up or irritant gases. The long-term stimulation is caused by weak life which is not health and so on. The self-conscious symptoms for itch painful eye are dry feeling and visual fatigue. In some cases, the bacterial infections are developed. When it gets more serious, blepharitis will appear in the eyelid margin and become the small ulcer. What's worse, it could make eyelash fall off palpebral skin and cause conjunctivitis. Manuka honey contains a unique active antibacterial substance. That is UMF MaiSu. It has a strong and unique antibacterial and antioxidant capacity which can be affected by the illumination of various external factors, like high digestive enzymes. It could remain stable for a long time and can promote the immune system and natural healing. The manuka honey could reduce your blepharitis and make your eyes get moisture. It is effective.