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debby truax


Can i sleep with cucumbers on my eyes? How?

I heard that cucumbers are good to eyes to reduce eye bags or dark circles under eyes. Would it work if i slept with them over my eyes? and how?
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  • hall


    Yes, you can do that. First, you can clean a cucumber and cut it into pieces. Pick up two slices that neither too thick nor too thin. Then, put it into Refrigerate to coo it. When you feel the cucumber is cool enough, you can take it out. Laying down and, place the two slices of cucumbers on each of your closed eyes. Hope this helps.
  • Kristin


    Yes, of course it can be good for you to sleep with cucumbers on your eyes. We all know that there are many nutrients in cucumber which can do a good job to our body. For example, the cucumber can make your face whiter and, if you use them in a long time, it will definitely work for your skin. Of course, it also can reduce the black circle and eye bags in your eyes. And you can put some pieces which have been cooled for enough time, then put them on the edge of your eyes. But it's also hard for them to keep watery for a long time, so you should change them in a certain time.
  • Anthony gary


    Indeed, the cucumbers have the effect of reducing the eye bags or the black circles under the eyes because of it inner sedation. However, you may have the movement during the sleep. It is hard for you to keep the balance. However, you could have a try by spicing the cucumbers into pieces and then stick them on your eyes. It is such an easy thing.

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