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Can i take a short nap with contacts in my eyes?

I wear contact lenses. After hard working this morning, i feel very tired. I want to sleep, but i hear somebody says that it is not good to sleep with contact lenses in eyes. Can i take a short nap with contact lenses in my eyes?
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  • Cassidy bell


    If you just take a short nap for less than 20 minutes, you can wear your contacts. If not, you'd better take them off because of the impermeability to oxygen. This may because you feel dry in eyes after you wake up. If you often do this, it may cause your eyes to get red which may easily get infection.
  • handyhands


    It depends on how your eyes react to them. If you feel your eyes dry out fast, you'd better take it off. If not, you can wear for a short nap. But you must remember not sleep too long. In fact, i often take naps without removing my contact lenses. But usually i just take a nap about 10-20 minutes. And i feel Ok and not damage my eyes.
  • Stacy


    You had better not do that. If you do so, your eyes could get a bit sticky and dry after you awake, and it's not easy for you to get them out. Because of there is no enough moisture and oxygen in your eyes when you are napping. On the other side, you would easily get injury when you are wearing hard contact lenses instead of soft contact lenses. By the way, you should remember not to sleep in regular contact lenses overnight and certainly not on a regular basis, as it deprives oxygen of your eyes.

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