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Can sinus pressure cause glaucoma ?

Is it possible to cause glaucoma from sinus pressure? How ?
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  • Bernice


    Yes, it is possible for you to get glaucoma from sinus pressure which could cause the high pressure at the whole body. Glaucoma refers to intraocular pressure or intermittent or continuous rise in an eye disease.It could increase intraocular pressure due to the difference of its etiology. In addition, it has a variety of different symptoms of persistent high intraocular pressure to eyeball organization and visual function damage the parts. It can cause vision loss and narrow vision if not treated. Thus the vision can be lost entirely and you even get blindness. Glaucoma is such a serious eye problem which you need to take great notice of. You should have the good rest for the eyes and the whole body. In addition, you should also use some home remedies, like warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable. You should just protect the eyes in both the healthy diet and good rest.
  • Ryan warren


    Yes, it is possible. But it is a fat chance that sinus pressure cause glaucoma. That's because glaucoma is caused by high intraocular pressure which can sometimes be affected by sinus pressure. Sinuses are in a cross section of the head where some part of the sinuses reach the eyes. When a person suffers from sinus pressure, the sinus may get swollen and press the eyes. But this is temporary. The pressure last for a very short period, so it won't affect the eyes long enough to cause glaucoma.
  • Jade


    The main cause of glaucoma is elevated pressure in the eye. The optic nerve transmits the images we see. The elevated pressure can cause the damage of optic nerve, which cause interruption of optic nerve transmits the image to the brain, and then cause glaucoma. While, glaucoma also can be caused by poor regulation of blood flow to the optic nerve, which mostly occur among elder people.