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How do I care for my new eyeglasses?

I just got prescription glasses..and Ive never had glasses before. The frames are black, thick plastic and the sides are metal with a design.. How do I clean the lenses and frames?
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  • 04/14/2012

    when you clean your eyeglasses, use eyeglass spray, liquid cleaner, or just warm water and a little dishwashing liquid. Gently cleanse the lens surface and rinse off or wipe off any residue. Never use chemicals not specifically designed for lenses. never use your shirt or paper towel to clean it . you can buy a clean kit special designed for eyeglasses . It is easy to get from optical stores
  • Brooke peters


    It is easy to take care of your eyes. First, you shall keep the eyeglasses always clean. you can wash the eyeglasses every day with tap water and dry them with eyeglasses clothes. Second, you shall put the eyeglasses in glasses cases while you needn't it Third, please not use your T-shirt or clothes to wipe the glasses. Please not put the eyeglasses in place with high temperature.
  • fergus


    When I get the first pair of my eyeglasses, I often wipe the lenses with a piece of soft cloth. The lenses of my eyeglasses are very clean. But later, I won't clean my lenses that often. Actually if I don't touch my glasses with my hand, they won't go dirty that easily. So I suggest you not to touch your eyeglasses with your hands from time to time. You can take off them and spray some cleaner on the lenses and wipe it with a piece of clean soft cloth.
  • walkingcaine


    Just clean the lenses and frame with a piece of clean soft cloth. Dude, they don't need special care. After taking off them when you don't need them, you can clean them and put them into the eyeglasses case. You can also buy a bottle of solution in any optical shop. It can help clean the lenses if there is some grease on the lenses or frames caused by sweat.
  • Richard M Fawcett


    I am a current glasses user. I seldom spend too much time on cleaning my eyeglasses. There is a piece of soft clean cloth and a case gives away by the optical when I bought my glasses. I often use them to clean my eyeglasses and protect my glasses. I think that's enough. But I will bring my glasses back to the optical shop where I bought them from every half a year. The optician will clean my glasses with some special kind of clean machine. This is totally free.
  • Michael?griffin


    Some people will dip their glasses into soap water because this will help clean the grease on the frame and lenses. But I don't suggest you to do that. you can rinse your eyeglasses with soap water for a while and then rinse them with clean tap water. And this kind of way is only recommended when your glasses are very dirty. The metal on your frame will have chemical reaction with soap water that's why you can't dip them in soap water for a long time.

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