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What are the best sunglasses for outfielders?

I just want to know what are best sunglasses for outfielders? I want to buy one to shield my eyes.
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  • walksonfloors


    If you have to work outside, you'd better choose the type of the sunglasses to help you get protected from the uv rays in the strong sun lights. There are many brands of sunglasses. In opinion, the ray ban sunglasses could be better for you. They own the fashionable look and perfect function. You could take this one into consideration.
  • Megan W


    Since you are playing football, I guess you need durable and light sunglasses which are extremely efficient in ultraviolet resistance. The sunglass which is made of polycarbonate is exactly what you need. The advantages of polycarbonate over resin sunglasses: 1. It is anti-ultraviolet. Nearly 100% ultraviolet can be shielded. It also won't change color, while resin lens tend to turn yellow overtime. 2.It is the lightest material for optical lens. It is 30% lighter than resin lens and 50% lighter than glass lens. 3.Polycarbonate is famous for being tough and unbreakable. It is often used as bullet-proof glass. 4.Polycarbonate lens has a high index, so it is much thinner than resin lens and glass lens.


    All right, sounds like you are really fond of playing football right? So, it is true that while we are playing football, we might face strong sunshine and our eyes would get very uncomfortable. So, I recommend some good sunglasses with perfect UV protection, such as Ray Ban, their sports sunglasses are also spoken highly of, you can take a look at them. They would make you free from some sunshine outdoors.