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Bernadette Korey


How to relieve red eyes from lack of sleep?

Lacking of sleep makes my eyes appear red in the morning. Any idea to relieve my red eyes because of lacking of sleep in a short time? Any idea?
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  • bell


    The best way to relieve red eyes from lack of sleep is to have enough time to get the loss sleep back. If you do not have enough time to get your loss sleep back, you can also have a rest for ten minutes in the noon, this may make you feel better. If all the things I have mentioned do not matter, you can have a try of the following methods. Use the eye gel which contains the components of chamomile, green tea or green cucumber wipe around your eyelids; Apple the small towel cold compress in the eyes for several minutes and then drop several eyedrops can also do your eyes better. In addition, playing badminton or going outdoors can help your body health and ease the mental pressure; what's more, this can also help you to get rid of your red eyes from lack of sleep. In your daily life, doing eyes exercises can also make your red eyes better.
  • Collin Wallace


    I don't know is there really anyway can cure your red eyes from lacking sleep except having a good rest. Anyway, i know there is a simple way that may work for red eyes. If you have green tea or cold compress, you can make them in a small bags and place it on your close eyes for about fifteen minutes, it will help reduce the redness, and puffiness of eyes.
  • Jocelyn david


    If you have eye pain after vomiting, this means that there is problem with your conjunctiva. If you don't sleep well or have too much pressure or use eyes in inappropriate way these days, your immune system will decline. Then, infection of conjunctiva will cause the taraxis. You'd better use some eyedrop to ease the bad symptom. Or else, you can go to see the doctor to have some medicine to improve your immune system.
  • Samuel hill


    I have also experienced this before. What I do after I find that my eyes become red because of the lack of sleep in the morning is to wash two clean towels and wipe them with little water. Then I put them into the freezer for five to ten minutes. During that time, I happen to have my breakfast. Then I put the towels out from the freezer and cover them on my eyes by turn. Every one is kept on my eyes for five minutes. Then the symptom really eases. Hope this method also is suitable for you.
  • david


    First of all, you can have a ten-minutes' rest at noon, even if the nap is also very useful. Next, you should pay attention to using eyes safely, having a rest every dozens of minutes, and seeing the distance and some green plants to slow visual fatigue. Also, playing the badminton and outdoor walking around also benefit your body health and mental pleasure.