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How to treat red eyes from swimming pool?

I forgot to wear my swimming goggles when i was swim last day, And i find my eyes are red right now. How can i get rid of that?
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  • Mohammad S.


    After swimming, the eyes are often slightly red, but minutes or few hours later, it will disappear, general speaking, eyes having some redness need not treatment. If it has aggravating problem , it is apt to cause the germs, viral conjunctivitis, at the beginning, the symptom is very light or not obvious, 1 to 2 days later ,the secretion increases gradually, at this time, you should go to the hospital and consult the doctor. Give your some tips when you intend to swim. First, try to choose a swimming pool with high quality water. Second, the person who with highly myopic eye should not let your head touch the water first when jumped into the water to avoid cause retinal detachment. Third, after swimming, your had better use clean water to wash you face and body in time. Do not forget to wear swimming goggles next time!
  • coulisse_16


    The red eyes after swimming must be caused by infection. There are some bacterium getting into your eyes and irritates the eyes. You must wash your eyes with lots of clear water and use eye drops to help you. It still doesn't work, you'd better get eye checked by doctor and treat your eyes seriously. And the next time of swimming, remember to take your swimming goggles.

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