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Andrew hill


Are smoking weed bad for eye health?

I often smoke. I know that smoking is bad for heath. I wonder if smoking weed is bad for eye health?
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  • elderoo


    Yes, it would harmful to people's health, including eye health. It can damage the function of the eye, because it causes the inflammation of conjunctiva to influence eye vision. And it can increase the risk of getting age-related eye disorders, such as cataract, a research indicated that a person who smoking has the 2.9 times possibility to get cataract than a non-smoking person. Or the smoking causes the blood vessels to shrink to raise eye pressure that can lead to glaucoma. Even it leads to optic nerve damage and blindness finally.
  • Caitlin owen


    Yes, smoking is bad for eye health. For people smoking a lot, it will increase the risks of lazy eyes and cataract. So, keep health life, you shall give up smoke. If you smoking because of great stress, you can use other way to make yourself relax such as running or enjoy some outdoor activity now and then.
  • walkingcaine


    Smoking can cause the amblyopia, because the oxygen will be consumed while smoking, resulting in the decrease of oxygen in the blood, and the retina of the eye is particularly sensitive to hypoxia. For the long-term effect, the optic nerve will be damaged. According to the investigation of medical experts, 20% of cataract patients are related to long-term smoking. Compared to the smokers who smoke at least 20 cigarettes a day, the non-smoking man will have twice time less chance to have amblyopic. Smoking can also cause increased intraocular pressure, and this is particularly obvious in patients with glaucoma. Glaucoma patients have been on high intraocular pressure, and the smoking can make it even worse.

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