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why do my eyes burn when i don't sleep enough

My eyes feel burn especially when i don't sleep enough. Is this normal? How do i know it?
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  • Calvin


    When you usually do not get enough sleep, the muscles of your eyes will be in a state of tension for too long a time, and the blood vessels of the eyes will get congestion, thus your eyes becoming red and feeling burning. To eliminate eye burning, therefore, you should get enough sleep so that your eyes will have adequate relaxation. Secondly, try to develop a habit of doing regular eye exercises, for example, when you have read or worked for an hour, you can stop to allow your eyes to get a rest and do some eye exercises. Thirdly, you can as well use some eye drops to ease your eye burning.
  • alva


    Yes, it is. Studies have shown that our eyes needs at least five hours to rest, otherwise your eyes cannot work to their full potential. Day by day, this can cause many problems, such as dry eye, light sensitivity, itching redness, constant burning sensation or even blurred vision. These symptoms may not cause serious problems. Our body is like a acute machine, and it needs rest to make sure work.
  • abbyabbie


    Ok, sounds like you are upset about how you feel right now. Anyway, from what I know, it is absolutely normal for you to get burning eyes, which is one of the symptoms of sleep deprivation. As you can see, when our eyes don't get enough rest, they tend to get strained, and stressed, thus, burning eyes, red eyes would arise. Now you must know what to do right? Also, try to pay attention to what you eat and quit some bad habits.