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Does magnesium help dry eyes?

I heard that food with magnesium can help dry eyes. Really does it really work?
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    The answer is yes, magnesium can really do help with dry eyes. Dry eye means there is no sufficient tears that are produced by the gland in the eyelid, thus your eyes would not have enough moisture and dry eyes occur. Magnesium is the nutrient element plays an important role in the function of cell, and could make your skin or eyes get moisture because of the good function. It do help your eyes in good conditions and exactly have obvious effect on the dry eyes. Accordinly, it's better for you to pay attention to your diets in your daily life, eat more food contains magnesium such as almonds, bananas, milk, lima beans and so on. In this way, the dry eyes will disappear after 1 to 2 weeks at most.
  • elen_t


    Yes, food with magnesium can help your dry eyes because of the moisture role of the inner material. In addition, if you want to treat your dry eyes, you could also choose to eat the food with vitamin C which could also be helpful. The dry eyes become the main problems for many modern office men who have to sit in front of the computers for a long time every day.
  • Jose joyce


    No, it won't work. Dry eyes are due to a lack of vitamin AD, A, or B instead of a lack of magnesium. You should have food with vitamin AD , A, or B like vegetables, fruits and livers of animals. What will happen if you have a lack of magnesium? 1. High blood pressure 2.Obesity, pancreas islet related disease, and other abnormal glycometabolism 3. hyperreflexia,Tetany,arrhythmia,tachycardia, and so on

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