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Does hot compress work for eye cyst?

I suffered from eye cyst? What should i do to help my eyes? Does hot compress help me?
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  • Daniel


    Yes, the hot compress will help you with your eye cyst because of the warm temperature which will get rid of the bacterium. You could just find the clean cloth and hot water. If you want to make your eye cyst get recovery soon, you could also use the eye drops with anti-inflammation. Then you should eat more food with vitamin C to moisture the eyes.
  • Jenya


    Hot compress does help! First of all, you should know how serious is your problem. What are the symptoms of eye cyst? The symptoms of eye cyst include: discoloration, discharge, discomfort when blinking, itchiness ,eye crust, pain, eyelid swelling, redness, and lumps on eyelids or around eyes. If your lumps are not big and you don't feel pain, itchy, or uncomfortable for it. It's not very serious. So you just leave them alone and they are likely to disappear themselves. However, if they are too big or have other symptoms, you can 1. turn to dripping antibiotic eye drops and applying antibiotic eye paste. 2.Try to find out the cause of the eye cyst. If it is because of allergy, take some antiallergic medicine. If it is because inflammation, use anti-inflammatory drug. 3. Apart from the medicine you use, you need hot compresses in the mornings and at nights until you recover. 4. If all the steps above don't work, you must have a surgery to have it removed.
  • walfor


    Warm compress, not the hot one, will help you. The main cause of eye cysts is bacteria. Besides, dirt, debris, remaining cosmetics and bacteria in the environment together with poor hygienic habit also lead to eye cysts. Warm compress is an effective way to cure eye cysts in that it quickens the speed of blood circulation in the affected area. However, the best you should do is to improve your hygienic habit, such as keeping your hands, fingers and the skin around your eyes clean all the time and do not share personal belongs applied to eyes with others. If your problem is out of control, you should immediately see your doctor.

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