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Do eye exercises really work?

I am nearsighted. My vision has really gotten bad, but i always belived in eye exercises. When i asked an eye doctor recently, he said not. Is there a limit to how bad your vision can be? Serious answers only please.
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  • 04/12/2012

    I know that the eye excercises don’t really work and they are just for reducing eye strain.I am not sure whether there is a limit to how bad your vision can be.Sorry.
  • Jada oliver


    No, there is no limit for how bad your vision could be. You should better protect your eyes carefully. You could do the eye exercise to make your eyes muscles put relax. In addition, you should also eat more food with vitamin C to moisture your eyes. You should do the eye exam at the regular time to adjust the eyes vision. You should not use the eyes for a long time with little rest.
  • Caspar


    Eye exercises can help relieve eye strain but they can't improve your eyesight. I suggest you to schedule and eye exam immediately. If you don't have any eye problem, you can maintain your eyesight by wearing a pair of eyeglasses and maintain your eye health at the same time. So get a pair of prescription glasses first. Good luck!
  • Tyler


    How bad our vision can be? Mmm... that's a good question. I never thought about that before. I guess maybe blindness is the worst situation. But with the development of society of technology, we can find many ways to treat with bad vision. Lasik eye surgery can be a good choice of those who have really bad eyesight as long as they are good candidates for this kind of eye surgery. Hope this helped!
  • hands4god


    Eye exercises are good for our eyes. They can relax our strained eye muscles. But you can't rely on them to help improve your eyesight because they can't do that for you. I think there isn't any limit to how bad our vision could be, because you can't see all things clearly and you can just see the things in a very near distance clearly don't have any differences. You may need glasses too. So I strongly suggest you to have an eye exam and get a pair of prescription glasses to correct your vision problems.