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Does anyone know of any eye exercises that can correct double vision?

Igot it from a fast I went on I started pukkin up green bile and then had double vision.I really regret it can anyone help me out and teach me some eye exercises that can correct it.
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  • 04/14/2012

    You’d better go to see an eye doctor to find out what the problem is.The doctor will give you a proper treatment. There aren’t any eye exercises that will cure eye problems.


    Can't follow you. How do you get double vision? Is there something wrong with your body? Yes, the whites of our eyes will turn yellow if there is something wrong with our liver. But what's the relationship between green bile and eyes? I don't know. You'd better consult an eye doctor immediately. Good luck!
  • Andrea


    You got it from a fast? I have never heard that a fast can lead to double vision. Maybe you are just so hungry so that you have a headache and double vision. You can eat more food to provide your body with enough energy. I suggest you to have a good rest. Then you won't feel dizzy anymore.
  • Kimberly quick


    Eye exercises can't correct double vision or improve eyesight. You'd better see an eye doctor immediately. What caused your double vision? You said a fast. But I doubt it. Maybe the doctor can find out what causes your double vision and give your appropriate suggestions to treat with it. Don't believe in eye exercises. Good luck!