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How to make your eyes feel refreshed?

My eyes feel so tired after work in a entire afternoon. How can i help my eyes? Any way to make my eyes feel refreshed?
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  • adams


    There are many methods of reducing tired eyes as following: 1. You can use eye drops that can relax your eyes temporarily. 2. Have enough sleep during night and do not stay up at night. 3. Take a break at every hour of using computer. 4. Apply a clean warm towel on the eyes to relax your eyes. And you can take some advanced methods to prevent your eyes from being tired.
  • eisenstiefel


    Well, looks like you just want to improve your eye health because you are not in a good condition. As a matter of fact, there are lots of good strategies for you to adopt. For example, you could try to take some breaks at intervals, and get some eye drops from the pharmacy. Most importantly, try to make good use of your eyes with more nutrition. Just try not to strain your eyes.
  • ctc_youth


    Well, there are many ways that can satisfy you. First, you can wash your eyelids with honey which can help with the growth of eyelashes and moist eyes. Second, place cucumber slice or aloes oil on eyes can whiten your skin and keep eye fresh. Third, drink some milk and take a good rest which can relieve your muscles burden and relax cells. Also, blinking and rub your eyes gently can get eye refreshed.

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