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Can an optometrist diagnose uveitis?

I guess that i may get uveitis. Where shall i go to check my eyes? Can an optometrist diagnose the uveitis?
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  • Steve


    Hello, optometrists have the ability to diagnose some common eye problems, such as eye infection, red eyes and so on. Because they have some practice about that before their career. So you can go to an optometrist and have a check, if he can not reach a sure result, you can go to an ophthalmologist because ophthalmologists are more professional.
  • Wendy


    Most optometrist will diagnose that your eyes have the problems. But they don't diagnose your uveitis. If you want to have the professional diagnose, you'd better go to the hospital to have the full check on the eyes. Then you could accept the treatment as soon as possible. That is the proper and effective way.
  • Ieff


    Uveitis is a very serious inflammation of uvea, which requires immediate treatment. Uvea is composed of iris, ciliary body and choroid. According to different part that inflammation occured, it is classified into different forms, anterior, intermediate or posterior uveitis. All types of uveitis develop blurry vision and floaters. Inflammation of uvea could definitely damage your vision. While I don't think an optometrist could diagnosis the disease. What an optometrist does is to test the vision and prescribe glasses for people to correct their vision. They might be trained recognize some common eye disease, such as cataract or glaucoma. They might provide some suggestions on healthy problems, yet as to curing a disease, I think it is better to see an ophthalmologist, especially in a serious case. The ophthalmologist is more profession on provide treatment for eye disease, while optometrist is good at vision test and using equipment to restore vision.

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