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Jordan owen


Why does my eye hurt when i see light?

My eyes feel hurt when i see light. Why? Is it a sign of some eye problem?
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  • commentsforme


    Strong light can cause the uncomfortable of eye. If your eyes feel hurt because of the light, just check if the light too strong. Change the light if your hurt eyes caused by that. And if not, see a doctor as soon as you can because your eye may got some disease. Have a regular eye test to make sure.
  • Jackson


    Hello, that depends on the brightness of the light you see, if it is not very bight, you may have sensitive eyes, which will get hurt and be sensitive to normal light. For sensitive eyes, people need to wear sunglasses when they go outside in the sunlight or their eyes will get watery and can not see. Go to the doctor have a test.
  • Jada shelley


    First of all, I need to confirm with you if it is a very strong light? Because staring at strong light surely causes uncomfortable feelings. If it is not, you just feel hurt when you see any light, then I assume that it might be photophobia which is bothering you. Photophobia is not an eye disease but a common symptom of various eye diseases or conditions, for example conjunctivitis, uveitis, cataracts, corneal abrasion and glaucoma etc. It is hard to tell what your problem is. I suggest you to visit an eye specialist for detailed examination. Correct diagnosis will lead to optimal treatment.