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Bruce Robot


Is it normal for eyelashes to turn white?

My eyelashes turns white. Is this normal? Or what causes it?
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  • Cathy


    Hair and eyelashes get their color from the pigmentation which is called melanin. It is existing in our hair follicles. When melanin in hair follicle is depleted, the hair will turn grey or white, the so-called transparent hair. It is the same for eyelashes, which is part of the hair of human body. Many different reasons might cause white hair (including eyelashes), including the result from natural, medical impact or genetic disorder. Aging is the leading and most common cause of grey or white hair. For people who are over 40s, they begin to grow lighter colored hair and gradually white finally. But it takes longer for eyelashes to lose its color, so white eyelashes are not very common appearance for people even over 70s. As to other reasons, albinism must be the first to come into our minds. Albinism is a congenital disorder. Albino can’t produce melanin themselves, so their hair and eyelashes are usually white and their skin is pink. As to another medical disorder, vitiligo, it is different from albinism. Albinism is a genetic disorder, and it impacts the whole body of patients. While vitiligo is thought to be immune system problem, and it impact patients by patches of skin. In severe blepharitis cases, patients might develop white eyelashes too. I suggest you to visit a doctor for detailed examination. For in some cases, the color could be reversed. Good luck to you.
  • Jackson rose


    Hello, some eyelashes turning white may be natural, and some are the result of medical conditions or genetic disorders. You need to go to haspital and have an eye and skin exam, detailed family history, hearing test or lab work. While if you age, and your hair begins to turn gray, and your eyelashes can be affected.
  • Catherine


    Aging is the natural reason for eyelashes turning white. If you're still young but your eyelashes turns white, you'd better see a doctor immediately. You may suffer some disease, such as extreme mineral substance deficiency, or other wired problems. You need to make sure the place you live has sufficient light, people's hair can turn white if lack of light. I bet eyelashes is the same. And keep your daily meal is full of nutrition.
  • clark


    A person's hair and eyelash color is determined by the amount of melanin present in each hair. Melanin is produced by cells called melanocytes, which are present in hair follicles. When melanocytes stop functioning properly, hair often becomes transparent and looks gray or white. White eyelashes are usually caused by melanocytes that are not working like they should. This can be caused by aging, and certain medical conditions, such as albinism, vitiligo, and blepharitis.As people age, melanocytes stop producing as much melanin, so the hair turns gray or white. The age that a person's graying hair becomes noticeable varies, but it typically begins in middle age. Eyelashes usually take a little longer to lose their color, but they are not uncommon in individuals in their 70s or older. They may not be shockingly white, however, and a more probable cause of white eyelashes is typically a medical condition.The treatment for white eyelashes varies depending on what has caused the loss of pigment. There is almost nothing that can be done to reverse gray or white hair that is caused primarily by old age. Aging eyelashes, however, can often be covered up with either mascara or an eyelash dye. These dyes are available in a number of shades to match a person's real hair color, and they can be applied by a professional or using an at-home kit.
  • Maria maria


    My lashes eye are growing out white they bother me cause I can feel them. Any help. Dr say it's normal.
  • Maria maria


    My lashes eye are growing out white they bother me cause I can feel them. Any help. Dr say it's normal.

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