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Zachary eddy


Is manuka honey good for pink eye?

Can i use manuka honey to help my pink eyes? Does it work?
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  • hanes3777


    Manuka honey can be used in lots of place,And basically, it's a kind of honey, so manuka honey has the moisture usage. Pink eyes is a kind of infection, so manuka honey is so helpful in this case. Put manuka honey in your daily meal to fasten your recovery session. I even heard someone ever diluted manuka honey with water, then used the water to wash pink eyes every day. You can have a try.
  • Wendy


    Yes, manuka honey does really work on reducing pink eyes, you can try it. Manuka honey is honey made from the pollen of manuka bush flowers. Medically, it is antimicrobial and can help clear your eye problem such as the eye of infection, and it is quite natural. You can put one or two drops of honey on your eyes every day.
  • walkersrarest


    Well, yes, manuka honey is good for pink eyes. First, pink eye is a kind of eye disease, which is caused by irritants, allergies. According to some researches, manuka honey can do a good job to the pink eyes. For the pink eye that has spread to the eyelid, you can just mix equal parts honey with distilled or boiled water to make a solution. In that way, it can not only prevent the symptom, but also can relieve it. Also, manuka honey is a natural sweetener and its incredible antiseptic, antioxidant and cleanser of our system. So you can just have a try.

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