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Are dark circles unattractive?

Do you think that people with dark circles is unattractive? Do you have any idea to remove it?
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  • Caroline


    Dark circles under eyes actually is not attractive, so a lot of people try to reduce it. I have some suggestions for you to reach that. First, have plenty of sleep if your dark circles are caused by lack of sleep. Second, you can use some compress on your eyes, such as cold tea compress, cucumbers compress . Third, you can use some beneficial oil, such as rose oil, fish oil. At last, stop rubbing your eyes. Try these and check the result!
  • estranged_soul


    People with dark circles under eyes always make me feel they are tired and weak. Actually, dark circles is a symptom of health problem. When people lack of vitamins or iron, sleep, dark circles appear. You need to eat more fruits and leafy vegetables. Take vitamin pills as supplement, then massage your eyes with olive oil combine with vitamin E oil twice a day. Always remember, a nice sleep is the best doctor.