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Why do my eyes burn when i close them?

It is so strange. When i closed my eyes, i feel burning in my eyes. What causes it? How can i treat it?
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  • William


    That's probably because you are suffering from dry eyes syndrome. When you have dry eyes, a lack of tear film covering cornea will leave cornea open to scratches and scrapes. As a result, open sore or corneal ulcer may occur which makes you feel painful when you close your eyes. What's worse, the cornea without tear film is easy to be infected by bacteria, virus and fungus. Treat it in the following methods: 1. Do eye exercise every day. 2.Apply hot compress to your eyes. 3.Drip eye drops or artificial tears. 4.blink your eyes more 5. have better sleep
  • Stephen Dave


    It may depend on what you did before it got burnt. For example: Burning eyes after taking a bath? It might be because you've got soap or water in it.
  • steven


    All right, from what I can see, there is something wrong with your eyes. And it is common for people to have burning feeling once they have got keratitis, which is very popular with young people. So, you should probably get some advice and help from the doctor and get some eye drops if necessary. Also, try to take some breaks when you feel tired and a regular life is needed.
  • Isabel fergus


    Your eyes may have got the coming invisible bacterium which causes it to get infection. That is why you feel burning in your eyes when you close your eyes. You need to use some eyes drops with anti-inflammation to cure it. You should keep on using it every day and then see the effect after several days. You will feel comfortable at the eyes. At the same time, you could eat more food with vitamin C to moisture the eyes.